Saturday, October 15, 2016

The doors of the church {building} are now closed

Many of us grew up in churches where we heard the same thing at the end of each service. "The doors of the church are now open."  This meant that sinners who desired to give their lives to Christ could walk down the aisle, recite the sinners prayer and join the local assembly. In this hour, in this season, the Lord is saying, "The doors of the church{building] are now closed. After the economy collapse in 2008, many church doors shut because there was no funding to meet mortgage payments. Statistics and surveys continue to elaborate on the mass exodus of believers from church buildings. False doctrine, enforcing of man made rules, and abusive behavior from pastors and church leaders all play a part. Too many today see pastoring a church as their cash cow. More focus is being  placed on serving the first family, than serving Christ. His word tells us He is a jealous God. He shares His glory with no one.  As we get closer by the day to the return of Christ, He is perfecting His church, the one He said He would return for that is without spot or wrinkle. Apostle Paul tells us several times that the church is in us, and not the building.  Many believers have been taught to clean the building, give money to keep the building going, and to attend functions in the building, but have never been told how to have a personal relationship with Him, and hear His voice for themselves. Pastors have made His sheep co dependent on them as the undershepherd, rather than on Christ, The Good Shepherd.  Churches today have rules that keep members from serving in leadership, rules that have potential leaders sitting on the sidelines instead of using their gifts for the Lord. Many churches now put people out for small infractions. As Apostle Paul said;  "This ought not be." Ezekiel 34 1-10 tells us He says "Woe to the Shepherds, who look out for themselves and not His sheep. Woe to the shepherds who scatter the sheep, who are not healing the sick, and who are ruling with force and cruelty. A prophetic cry has been going up for some time, and now is intensified, for Him to shut the doors of the churches that fall in the category of Ezekiel chapter 34. If you  as a shepherd or the shepherd  you serve under, is mistreating His sheep, running them away or putting them out of church, and making church all about themselves instead of Christ; Woe be unto you because your church doors may be among the many that will close. This is why  His people need to know that His spirit is within them wherever they go. We can fellowship and bring in His presence with only 2 or 3 according to Matthew chapter 18. The only mega in the building should be Him. watch now as the dominoes fall. Watch as those who are anchored in man and not Him, will be sheep gone astray. The doors to buildings are closing even as you read this. Woe, woe, woe.

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