Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Truth sets free

If we are honest, the truth sets free.  Many however in the body of Christ, will choose to believe a lie, even when truth is exposed.  There are many reasons for this. Some individuals do not want to ever admit they believed a false doctrine.  Others want to hold on the the possibility that what did not work for others, will one day work in their favor. There are those who are so caught up in spiritual leaders, that they blindly serve these men,(and women) and pledge allegiance, to the point they are unable to hear God warning them of false doctrine. A lot of folk in the body of Christ are steeped in their denominational doctrine.  And refuse to change what they have always done. The minority, who accept truth are set free indeed. When you can admit you listened too, followed and taught a doctrine of demons, that is the first step to spiritual maturity. When you can share your experience with others, they too are now in position to be free if they choose.  You now will recognize the catch phrases, and code words that used to make you shout, but now cause you to shake your head. You will more easily be able to say no.  And not sit in services where lies are being preached. You can stand alone with the Lord, and not  desire the stroking you were used too.  Whose side are you leaning on today?  Let it be the Lord's side.  His Spirit is the Spirit of truth and leads into all truth.  You and you alone must determine your course.  Choose freedom today.  No man can hold you where you desire to be free.

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