Friday, February 5, 2016

The authority of true prophets

Elijah told Ahab that his 70 sons would die. Nathan told David his baby would die. Isaiah told Hezekiah that his sickness was unto death, but when Hezekiah prayed the Lord sent the prophet back to tell the king that 15 years would be added to his life. Agabus told Paul that a famine was coming, and should he go to Jerusalem, he would end up imprisoned. The bible is clear that Prophets can speak forth the Lord's judgement on leaders. Biblical prophets were respected, and allowed to give the word from the Lord to the kings, priest and other prophets, most times without repercussions. The modern church says not to put your tongue on spiritual leaders, (touch not the anointed) referring to pastors. In the spiritual realm a true prophet sent from the Lord has the ability to see and to speak the judgement from the Lord. Therefore a true prophet has the backing of the Lord. Several women in the Facebook group Nebh'iah (prophetic women),    have seen judgement, including death coming on beloved spiritual leaders in this nation, and it has come to pass. The modern church set up stops with a pastor, and in some cases a bishop. And they will not even consider listening to prophetic voices because they believe they are THE voice of the Lord. 3 women in the Facebook group, and 2 male prophets all attempted to give the same pastor a warning from God. He did not listen and he died. If you are seeing His judgement, it will come to pass whether anyone listens to you or not. The modern church set up has prevented prophets from speaking. This is what happened to Jeremiah. The people refused to listen, so he decided to keep the word of the Lord to himself. And it became like a fire shut up in his bones, so he had no choice but to release it. Prophets today speak houses and cars, and give good words to the pastor, first lady and those who sit on the front row of the church. This is going on all over America. And is not biblical. Preachers are dying because they have been trained in a religious set up, that places them in a position, God never intended for them to have. And prophets are weeping because they see what is coming and are unable to even give a warning. Church folk have not been taught this so they consider true prophets as negative. Prophetic women stand your ground. You are responsible for what He reveals to you. And the leaders who don't listen will be dealt with. Remember He says in Amos 3:7 that He does nothing in the earth, unless he first reveals it to His servants the Prophets. Those called to pulpit ministry may sometimes prophesy but cannot operate fully as a prophetic voice because they cannot be both the suspect and the arresting officer. One cannot police themselves. Seers are separate from pastors and can clearly hear His voice because they do not have the additional responsibility of being a shepherd to the sheep. Pastors, ignoring a true prophetic voice from the Lord will not make it go away.