Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Are you clothed in His Glory?

You are headed out to  minister, and are wearing your clergy attire: Blouse shirt, collar, robe, etc. But are you wearing His glory?   You have on your make up, are sporting an elaborate hair style, wig or weave. You are wearing your favorite jewelry, cologne, or perfume. Your pocketbook and shoes match.  The pocket square, tie and shirt are really sharp, You are easy on the eye, but: Are you clothed in His presence and power?   Are you wearing His glory? This is the one thing, the main thing we should never leave home without. There is nothing wrong with people complimenting your hair style or the clothing you are wearing.  It is encouraging to her someone say you spoke a good message, , but: Is anyone telling you that the glory of God can be seen on you and felt around you?  When my grandmother died in 2010, I officiated, my son did the eulogy and my husband prayed. After the service, I was told the following from family and friends:  1."You all were good", 2."We did know know you had it in you". 3."You were so pretty, your hair was lovely and your suit was beautiful." 4.  "You carried yourself well, and you spoke well and did not split a verb." 5. "Your husband really prayed," 6.  Your son did a good job."  I appreciate all these compliments, but there was one that meant more than the others. "A neighbor said to me."  " You all were anointed, I know how to recognize the anointing.  I had no idea, and you live across the street from me."  This neighbor was summing up what the others did not verbalize or did not ascertain. She said the power of God was on us. This is the ultimate compliment.  I recall in a former church, when my husband would pray, you could feel His presence descending, and see the glory upon him.   And many people told me and his mother how they  loved to see God move upon him.  Recently I did the prayer at a funeral. Afterwards several people I had not see in a while, were shaking my hand and starring at me as if they did not know or could not figure out  what they were seeing.  One woman hugged me and smiled as if I were a celebrity. When I got in the car, a quick look in the rear view mirror gave me a glimpse of what they saw.  I could see His glory on me.  I was glowing, not from the make up but because my God had shown up and shown Himself through me. There is a saying that you can't fake the funk. Neither can His glory be faked. we can shout, pray in tongues, give a rousing Hallelujah, and a few glory to Gods.  We can do the spiritual dance, and make those funny  faces, All that just like dressing up can be done as a habit,  If any of this is done, and if you are dressed to the nines, His glory should be the icing on the cake.  The piece de resistance.  There is no need to fake it, or try to fool any one.  Just make sure His glory is the crowing touch, and His presence and power are available to you. Always position yourself to be clothed in His glory. Don't leave home without it, or rather without Him.

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