Monday, October 24, 2016

Do the revelation gifts run in your family

I grew up in a community of churches.  In every  church there was a pastor,choir, ushers, deacons, trustees, deaconess and people who functioned in all aspects of keeping the church running. There were families where preachers or deacons went down through the generations. What I did not know about, until 1995 was that based on I Corinthians chapter 12, there are spiritual gifts which also may run in families  I recall one Friday evening when we lived in the county.  My grandma asked my  middle brother to chop wood so she could make a fire to cook the next day.  He told her he would do it tomorrow, She replied to him that he did not know where he would be on the next day, and added that he might me in the hands of the brass buttons,(police).  At 6:30 am the next morning the police showed up to arrest my brother because he had been accused of a crime.  My grandmother had operated in the gifts of wisdom and knowledge.  A former pastor said these gifts oftne piggy back each other. The gift of wisdom was in telling my brother that he did not know where he would be on the next day and should do what she asked now.  The gift of knowledge was her saying he may be in the hands of the police. I never saw these gifts in my mother,  but they operate heavily in my children and myself. Often we can pick up a need that the other has and supply it.  We will show up with a meal, or a snack that the other desired.  The world would say we have a psychic connection, but it is a relationship based on the Holy Spirit. Now I see these gifts in my 3 grandchildren.  Recently my granddaughter left her pink elephant in my care  over the weekend. When she returned I could not remember where I had put Pinky for safe keeping.  After searching to no avail for quite some time, my oldest grandson Ty told me to look in a specific chair. This chair had folded laundry in it that I had not yet put away. Sure enough, Pinky was on the bottom. If you or your family members find that you can locate lost items, perceive when someone is about to die, pic up in advance a direction a family member, your boss or even pastor is about to go in, please understand.  You are not psychic, you were not born with a third eye. You do not have ESP. You were born with a spirit that is endowed with the revelation gifts. Please give these gifts to Jesus, who gave them to you. Allow His Holy Spirit to lead guide and direct you. If you do not, you may get pulled in the wrong direction and open yourself to evil spirits. You will find that sometimes He speaks directly to you.  On other occasions you may just perceive a thing because your ow spirit is heightened to the supernatural. Sometimes your spirit will quicken when you are observing a person place or object or listening to someone speak. There will be situations where you receive revelation from His word.  This is a gift you are born with.  No one can lay hands on you and giVe it to you or call it forth.  This gift cannot be licensed or ordained.  You definitely do not obtain it from seminary, or obtaining a doctorate.  Nothing wrong with any of that but those are all things that you can choose or another can choose to give you. The revelation gifts were chosen by the Lord before your birth. If you do not believe in Christ, your gift will still work, but you may open yourself up yo demonic forces.  If you are in a traditional church where spiritual gifts are not taught and where no one flows in them, your gift may be limited.  And I cannot give you much advise. If however, you are in a church environment where these gifts are allowed, and His Spirit has freedom, you are blessed. This will enhance you.  If there is intercessory prayer, your iron will truly b sharpened. If you see that your children or grandchildren are flowing in wisdom, revelation, and prophecy, I suggest you find  a way to train them up in the way the Lord will be glorified so they are not pulled into the dark arts.  If you mother and grandmother operated in these gifts but considered themselves witches, you can be free of that and give your life and gift to Christ, if you so choose. If you need assistance, please email me at,  Also check out the Facebook page and group for prophetic women,

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